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BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800-save contacts to simm card


BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800-save contacts to simm card

I'm fairly new to the blackberry torch 9800 and can't figure out how to save my contacts to the simm card; can anyone help??

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Re: BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800-save contacts to simm card

Blackberries aren't really designed to save contacts to the SIM card.  They're designed to sync or backup using the Desktop Manager.  The phone will copy contacts from the SIM card fairly easily, but not to the SIM card.


If you truly want to copy contacts to the SIM, you can.  There are several drawbacks.  You can only copy one SIM contact at a time.  Because each SIM contact can only hold a name and one phone number, a single phone contact (containing a home number, work number, and cell number, perhaps) may be multiple SIM contacts, so it only takes a handful of phone contacts to turn this into a very painful process.  Any information that isn't a phone number (such as an email address) is completely lost.  Just use the Desktop Manager to back up your contacts.


If you thrive on pain, you have too much free time, and you have nothing better with which to fill that time than fiddling with your phone, then see this for copying contacts to the SIM:


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Re: BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800-save contacts to simm card

Keep in mind that Sim cards are limited to 250 contacts as well. Erichmion is correct, BB's are not designed to save contacts to sim cards. In addition to backing up my BB every two weeks or so (or when I add some new apps) I use Gmail to sync my contacts and calendar. You need a Gmail account. Edit the settings at and check the boxes for Sync contacts and calendar and everything will sync wirelessly. My daughter recently lost her Bold 9700 and she didn't have a current backup. Once I activated a new BB for her all of her contacts and appointments synced with her new BB and she was all set.


Bill J

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