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Aussie coming to USA


Aussie coming to USA

I am visiting the USA for 2 months later this year. I would like to access the internet via a laptop while on the road in the US. I don't think WiFi is going to meet my needs. I want to use a USB card for internet connection. I can't find any plans that would suit me, they all seem to be at least one year plans if not two year plans. Is there a prepaid plan available, or a monthly plan option? So far the best I can find is $299 for the USB card, plus monthly access costs of about $70. This seems a lot to pay when I'm only going to be able to use the card for 2 months.
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Re: Aussie coming to USA

Not sure if there is such a service, but I wonder if you can rent a USB card for use during your stay.
Two months seem a long time without staying with friends...Perhaps you can ask to use their computers?
Finally, do you travel often? Would it be worthwhile for you to invest in a PDA phone? (Not sure about how roaming charges work, so you may want to research that if it's of interest).
All assuming you can't get away from purchasing a usb card with monthly fees.
Good luck! Hope you enjoy your visit here.

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Re: Aussie coming to USA

I'm afraid there are really not any pre-paid plans or other short term plans available for a cusual visitor at this point in time.  You may want to look into a rental service but I don't know of any off the top of my head.
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