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Att prepaid is horrible


Att prepaid is horrible

Number 1, Att prepaid does not give you any options for troublshooting or tech support, our towers have been messed up or down since around 8:00 last night, and I cant report it. Plus I am paying for a service that is rendered useless and 611 doesnt work if the tower is down. Att prepaid is horrible, I am definately going to verizon or sprint now.

Number 2  Att prepaid has 500mb limit for internet yall are stupid att. everyone else has some sort of unlimited plan for prepaid users. I am amazed Att is still around, and to make matters worse they are buying t-mobile so now the service will be even worse.


ATT sucks!

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Re: Att prepaid is horrible

Sorry to burst your bubble but Verizon's prepaid is absolutely terrible in terms of pricing and phone selection for the plan you'd have to get. Flip phones and other cheap feature phones are the only options for cheap plans. You can have a smartphone here at AT&T for the same price or probably even less than you would at Verizon. Second of all, didn't even know Sprint had a prepaid service...other than Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is probably worth going to for the money and phone selection.

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