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Att Phone service and ATT Go Phone


Att Phone service and ATT Go Phone

Here is the situation........


Person is part of ATT Service and has a phone # not in her name but part of a family plan....


For Example......  Daughter has the family plan......  Mother has phone on family plan.......


Mother Dies...... Daughter now wants to replace Mom on plan but does not want to keep the same number......

Solution would be to change # for $38.00  But other sister has an ATT Go phone with a valid account and #


Question ?????   Can the ATT Go Phone # replace Moms Phone # on regular ATT Account Family Plan?

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Re: Att Phone service and ATT Go Phone

No, each phone number is tied to a person's specific SIM card. If the mother passed away, then her account and phone number would be deactivated and her number would be recycled. If the daughter used the mother's phone, then she could have the mom's phone number.

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