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Atrix Smart Limits...


Atrix Smart Limits...

Hello Darlin's!


I just got off the phone with a rep from AT&T to ask about blocking a number from my Moto Atrix. Apparently that cannot be done without the smart limits feature. I Have been trying to read up on the features and benefits and I have a question or two, If anyone would be able to help it would be much appreciated: (Primarily the person calling isn't a telemarketer - it's a credit company looking for my ex husband, Which where they got my number from I have no idea as He doesn't even have it lol)


1. Blocking a call - Does it go to voicemail or does it just reject it once it's added on the list? I hate having to call voicemail, and delete them all the time Smiley Tongue


2. The rep also mentioned something about the Motoblur affecting it?


Thoughts? Thanks again! Smiley Very Happy

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