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Atrix Rebooting


Atrix Rebooting

I've had my phone for a number of months, and for the most part I enjoyed it.  Then a couple of months ago I dropped the phone and damaged it greatly.  Luckily, I had it insured.  So I went to my local AT&T store and the replacement came in the next day.


But soon I started realizing there was something wrong with the refurbished replacement phone.  It started restarting on its own, and this became worse and worse as time went on.  I made sure I had the latest updates, I factory reset the phone multiple times, etc.  Sometimes when I do a factory reset the problem will go away for a day or two but it will ALWAYS come back.


So I brought it to my AT&T store, and the guy couldn't figure it out, so he figured he could just replace it since the replacement phone was having these issues within a week or two of my receiving it.  Well, he called up someone at AT&T and he was informed that because this was a phone replaced via the insurance that he doesn't have the clearance required to authorize another replacement.  Well, apparently the nearest place that could do this was some AT&T store not far from Grand Central.  I live in Westchester, and it is not exactly convenient for me to ride into the city and spend half an hour on line (the place has always been extremely busy when I have gone) just to have an AT&T tech tell me that they can't reproduce the problem and that I should just factory reset.


This has become an absurd pain in my backside.  Everyone I have called has refused to help me, and the guy at my local AT&T store would love to, but he has been told repeatedly that he doesn't have clearance.  The poor guy has spent several hours on the telephone for me, bless his heart.


The thing is, it can reboot as soon as I lock the phone, and sometimes it can take half an hour or more.  There have even been whole days where it will go without restarting once.  And yes, factory resetting it will (usually) fix the issue for 24-36 hours.


Why does AT&T refuse to replace my broken refurbished phone?  Why do they insist that I go so far out of my way (there must be 100 stores in Westchester more convenient to me than that one in NYC) and then when I do eventually go, I have to sit around like a schlub for almost an hour, half of the time online, half of the time waiting for the phone to do its thing - and then only be told that I should just factory reset.


I loved my old Atrix.  But now I want nothing to do with it and nothing to do with this company.  I want either a new phone or to be released from my contract so I never have to deal with AT&T ever, ever, ever again.


What are my options?

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Re: Atrix Rebooting

I have the same issues as you add to it constant missed calls! And ofcourse there is nothing att can do! I am soooooo tired of feeling like I am getting ripped of by cell phone companies! I left att a while back but decided to come back from sprint but i really regret it because Im paying more for service that is just a little better and phones that are HORRIBLE!!!! But once you signt that contract you are at their mercy (which they shoe very little of)! Atrix is a flawed device but they have your money that seems to be what cell phone companies care about. Soon I will have a website to publish all the horror stories and maybe we can get their attention!

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Re: Atrix Rebooting

I have the same problem with it randomly rebooting.  I have had it since the beginning but I have been lucky in that it typically didn't do it at critical times. Lately it has been happing more often so I think I am going to go over to the local AT&T to see if they will do anything about it.  


I tried doing a hard reset where I wiped all my data hoping that would help.  It didn't help and now I think the issue is getting worse as it has happened twice today while I was in the middle of calls. 

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Re: Atrix Rebooting

Hi Everyone,

I have been having the same problems. I had the phone replaced once after it would force close and shut off totally when I hit one of the volume buttons at any time. I noticed this happening after I did a factory reset. I took it to a service center and they replaced it with another atrix. Now this happened after i did another factory data reset. But if anyone finds anything out though, please reply to this thread.

Thanks so much!

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