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Atrix Keeps Rebooting Due to Wifi Error


Atrix Keeps Rebooting Due to Wifi Error

So I recently downloaded the ATT/Motorola new software update for my Atrix.  Now my phone is experiencing all sorts of problems.  


When I turn the phone one after a reboot the fingerprint scanner sometimes does not work (it says finger print scanner intializing).  


If it does work when the wifi tries to turn on on the phone in the settings area I see under wifi the word "error."  Whenever I turn the wifi on it forces the phone to reboot.  


Can someone please point me in the right direction?  Seems like I have seen a lot of posts about people having problems with the software update, but AT&T/Motorolla haven't done anything yet to address it.

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Re: Atrix Keeps Rebooting Due to Wifi Error

Just another update........


This time my phone came up in airplane mode.  I took it out of airplane mode and the I was able to connect to the AT&T network without a problem.  However, since Wifi was attempting to turn on the phone hung with a "wifi error" again and the phone immediately rebooted.  

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Re: Atrix Keeps Rebooting Due to Wifi Error

Oddly enough I got my phone to work recently but without wifi. I had the wifi error for the past week and a half. My phone rebooted constantly...even when putting the charger in. I got so mad yesterday that during its reboot, i began hitting the phone on my car console. I didnt want to break it (just yet) but I wasnt happy. It was at the start of its reboot and I banged it on the rubbery console on all 4 sides and the back. Lo and behold, the wifi was ON! I turned it off and the reboots stopped. I went to try the wifi again and it errored out. It then rebooted and came back with the wifi off. It sucks not having that option but my phone works "normally" now and its 3 months out of warranty, so better than having to replace. I am surprised motorola doesnt have a class action lawsuit on these. A phone sbould last longer than a year!!
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