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Atrix Battery Life

Atrix Battery Life

Hi, I've had my Atrix since late April and I love it... For the first few months it had AWESOME battery life. I told everyone about its battery life. With normal/medium usage I would easily have 30% of my battery left at 11pm at night. (One charge, starting at 7am.) About a month ago I noticed a drastic reduction in my battery's life. It now is down to 20% at 5pm after only light/medium usage. I can't think of anything I have done to cause this. I have about 15 apps. All "legitimate" apps, I would call them. I had that amount before the battery issues. I downloaded an app killer app and it did not make a difference. I have tried a new battery (AT&T sent me one.) I have done a factory reset on my phone. The next step for me would be to get a new phone under warranty. But, I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.....or if anyone may have some trouble shooting ideas before I get a totally new phone. What is your battery life like??
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Re: Atrix Battery Life

In case anyone else has a similar issue.... I was able to find out what worked. I had done a factory reset on the phone, gotten a new battery, and was trying to get a new phone under warranty because of my battery issues. I knew something was way off because when I first bought the phone I would have 30% left at 11pm after medium/heavy daily usage beginning at 7am. After speaking to AT&T once again about getting a new phone under warranty, due to my issues, they recommended I call Motorola Android Technical Support, so I did. One of the things they suggested was to go to the app Market, go to My Apps, and individually MAKE SURE EVERY APP IS SELECTED FOR MANUAL UPDATES RATHER THAN AUTOMATIC UPDATES. That was the difference right there. It was that simple. I did that last night and today after heavy usage starting at 7am it is now 1am and I have 40% of battery left. I called AT&T today to give them this feedback. It would have saved me a lot of trouble if this had been suggested to me early on. Hopefully it can save someone else the headache I just experienced. Smiley Happy Just wanted to share!
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Re: Atrix Battery Life

That's a good idea that I would have never thought of. It looks like the only apps that have auto update enabled by default are Google published apps and features like voice search. 

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Re: Atrix Battery Life


I have had my Atrix 4G since 6/27/11 and did not notice any exceptional battery drain. I plugged it in yesterday to charge and noticed that it didn't gain anything after 2 hours. I tried again a couple of hours later and left it from 11:30p-2:30a and it had decreased! Tried a different socket and the phone would only stay on if plugged in. Now it will turn on, but it won't stay on (even when it's plugged in).


I haven't contacted AT&T yet--I'm wondering if I can get a free replacement battery.


Good to read your post--I will turn off automatic updates.



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Re: Atrix Battery Life

Despite one repair or update to address battery problems, the atrix still suffers from a fault that often causes battery indication to be artificially and incorrectly low.  A device reboot (power cycle the atrix fully off then on) will often lead to a huge jump in remaining battery level by percentage remaining.  You can't find complaints on various forums while some users have also reported some success using battery calibration software but that often requires additional work that would void the warranty.


Specific example: I recently had what seemed to be a normal battery discharge rate but intentionally power cycled with the result that indicated charge remaining had increased by over 20% which then slowly went down at a normal usage rate.  This is more frequently discussed and in greater detail in several other forums.  This is not a case of a battery sometimes regenerating some of the charge while idle as the power cycling is so short which in my tests I turned the phone back on in a matter of seconds and occasionally minutes (<5).

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