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Atrix ...Allowing only contact list callers to get through?


Atrix ...Allowing only contact list callers to get through?

Recently I discovered that the Motorola Tundra will allow all calls to be rejected except for the folks/numbers listed in the contact list.  Neat feature, since the federal DO NOT CALL LIST seems not to be working.


I'm getting the Atrix tomorrow (TADAAAAA!!!!)  and want to know if there is that feature on it as well.


Some folks mentioned that you can "send to VoiceMail" the contacts you do not wish to talk with. But that is something

different entirely.  These callers are harrassments personified, and I'd really like to just cut them off at the pass.


So.....after reading through all the Motorola and ATT tutorials, I have not found that feature on the Atrix.

Can someone with the Atrix in hand say yes or no to this question?


Great feature. Hope I can find it. Or maybe find a little widget that does it for the Atrix.

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Re: Atrix ...Allowing only contact list callers to get through?

If it is not available on the phone itself, I am fairly sure there are applications in the Android Market that will block all calls except those in your contact list.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Atrix ...Allowing only contact list callers to get through?

So far I've located one applet or widget to do the job. But I have yet to explore its features.


Have you ever tried PROFILE CALL BLOCKER?


It might be the usual type of blocker....just blocks specific numbers and not numbers in general.

I want one which only lets contacts in my address book from getting through.

I just got my Atrix last night, and still waiting for the 32gb SDHC class 10 card to arrive, so I am holding off on loading

any apps that might need to go on that SD card. Once I get that inserted, I'll try the Profile Call Blocker.

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Re: Atrix ...Allowing only contact list callers to get through?

I found that several of the apps by the PROFILE CALL BLOCKER developers have the option I'm looking for.

So that  is what I'll get.  Free is good.

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