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Atrix 4G WiFi connection problems at home


Atrix 4G WiFi connection problems at home

This problem only started a couple of weeks ago.  My Atrix phone will find and SAYS it is connected to my home wireless, but the WiFi icon and the reception bars are grayed out and I cannot connect to the internet.  If I go to settings and forget the WiFi connection and then search for WiFi connections, put in my password, sometimes it will connect but then after the phone goes into sleep mode and upon waking up I am back to having the same problem - says it is connected, grayed out icon and no internet connection.  Then other times I will search for my home network and it will just go to saying I am connected, grayed out and no internet connection.


I have called AT&T, no success, I have sent my phone into Motorola under warranty, no success, I have search forums and blogs, no success.   I have bought a new router and that did not solve the problem.  The only thing I have not done yet is update the firmware on my router.  That my be my next move.  Any router settings that others have tried and worked??  Thank you all for your help in advance.  

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Re: Atrix 4G WiFi connection problems at home

If your place is close to your neighbor, you may want to try another Wifi channels on the router wireless setting.
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Re: Atrix 4G WiFi connection problems at home

Thanks ilikewireless I tried that and it didn't help.  I have tried all sort of router settings and no help on that end.

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Re: Atrix 4G WiFi connection problems at home

Go to a McDonalds or any place that has free (open) WiFi and see if you can connect.  If you can't, then you have a settings problem or a defective unit

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