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Atrix 4G Stuck/Dead Pixel


Atrix 4G Stuck/Dead Pixel

I have a stuck or dead pixel on my screen.  Do you think AT&T would take it back in exchange for another?  I'm still within my 30 day return window.  I've heard that some companies prefer to see 3 or more defective pixel in order to issue the exchange... 


What do you think I should do?

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Re: Atrix 4G Stuck/Dead Pixel

Dead pixels are manufacturing defects. If you can see it with naked eye then it's probably mote than one and it should be changed under warranty. If they won't change it then return it if in the first 30 days for a $35 fee.
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Re: Atrix 4G Stuck/Dead Pixel

Just an udate everyone, I did get it exchanged for that 1 pixel no problems.

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