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Atrix 2 battery life


Atrix 2 battery life

Does anyone have suggestions on how to best set up my phone (i.e. aps etc.) to best optimize the battery life of my Atrix 2 phone with an android operating system?

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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

Be sure you check the battery status to see what really drains the battery. I usually left my bluetooth on but noticed it was at 23% of what was using up my battery. So I turned it off.


I usually get a full day of battery life and that is phone calls, texting, lots of game playing, Facebook and checking the internet.

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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

According to the Motorola website they are coming out with an extended battery for the Atrix 2. So you may want to look into that as well.

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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

I purchased the extended battery and it is awesome. It adds a little weight but lasts all day and half the night. Actually makes the phone easier to hold. I recommend buying one.
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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

The battery status screen is quite useful. Close apps you are not using. Turn off WiFi unless actually using it -- it drains the battery just searching for hotspots. Reduce the screen brightness.


The battery will last severaldays on standby, so the usage screen will tell you where the drain is.



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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

Hi, Based on what you describe as your usage, I get about a half a day of life..The things taking up all the space is 30% cell standby/ 21% wifi and 20% phone idle with 14% for display...calls Facebook android sys, & os only 5% or lower each. Cant' really change those first 4 can I?  How is your's set in order for you to get thru a full day as you described?  Thanks!!!

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Re: Atrix 2 battery life

the first thing i did was enable the battery and data saver.  but i only usually have a couple of short conversations a day, text back and forth a couple of times, and surf something only when i really need it (you won't see me with my head stuck in the phone all day).  i get two full days on the battery easily.  i'm usually at around 15 percent at the end of the 2nd day, so i'll let her charge over night, then we're good to go another couple of days.

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