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Atrix 2 Warranty Issues

Atrix 2 Warranty Issues

on 10/21/2011 I purchased my ATRIX 2. A month later I had noticed that the wifi would turn itself off. Now I've been in store and called AT&T Warranty and also chatted with a tech, and told me flat out that the device would be not be exchanged due to the fact that wifi is software not hardware,. Now Having a BA in Computer science and have various certifications I know what I'm talking about but this guy dated I'd have to talk to the motorola. So I talked to them and the phone is under manufacturers warranty under hardware. So this process can take 2 to 3 weeks, if I do this with Motorola is my account going to be credited for the weeks it was in for repair, or am I still going to pay my bill.

I think its kinda funny why AT&T refuses to replace my phone. I guese if this persist I will have to take my business elsewhere. If there is someone out there that can actually help with the problem I'm all ears, because I've talked to another ATRIX 2 owner on the forums and he talked to AT&T Warranty and they pushed an update to hi device.
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Re: Atrix 2 Warranty Issues

I actually have a first generation Atrix and have issues with connectivity.  It seems like it just decides not to get data through email or web apps some times. They have replaced my "old" SIM card that was 3 months old, then one device went  back to Motorola and then just received another swap from AT&T and it is acting up again within the 4 days I have had it.  They claim that it is my godaddy email account that is to blame.

No, they will not give you a credit for the weeks that you don't use your service.  I have a blackberry that I use as a back up device and it seems to work flawlessly, so I know it is not the godaddy email account.

 I now wish I would have never upgraded to Atrix

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