Atrix 2 Facebook syncing issues


Atrix 2 Facebook syncing issues

I just picked up a new Atrix 2.  I added me facebook account to it and it is failing to sync contacts or images to existing contacts that I imported from my first Atrix.  I am getting Facebook sync failure in the notifications.  I've doubled checked my login credentials is correct and input correctly. I've tried downloading th Facebook app and that didn't help.  I've uninstalled it, didn't help.  I did a reset and started from scratch.... didn't help.  Can't find any information online and getting a hold of support is useless...  Anyone have any ideas?




My android version is 2.3.5

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Re: Atrix 2 Facebook syncing issues

I had a similar issue. What I did was update all my apps. Then before I installed the app, I synced the first facebook account. It was 2 different ones. I did the first then added the app and it worked fine.
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