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Atrix 2 Email issues..


Atrix 2 Email issues..

I've had this phone for a few months now and love it.. until today..  I reset the email to my yahoo account, and when I went to change it in the phone, I couldn't... so I deleted the account out of my phone and readded it.. now it wont connect, and I am using the correct pw..   I'm not going to pay a billion dollars a month for no email..


Also, with my corp account, some messages I send out go to outbox and don't send until I turn the phone off then back on.. what gives?

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Re: Atrix 2 Email issues..

I understand your problem, the problem that I'm having is that the atrix 2 phone is now not loading all of my yahoo email when I go to email.  Loads only a partial listing of mail. Looking for answers from anyone. I have gone to settings for both the phone as well as the email and there is no setting about how much to load or not.


Any Ideas??





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