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At&t - the huge letdown


At&t - the huge letdown

Well I wanted to email this but of course, when I go to the email ATT link I get "Your session timed out" or "Application error" every single time.


I'm so frustrated with my lack of service right now I'd cancel if I had the money to do so.  I've had trouble tickets put in for my area and they come back with "You have good to moderate coverage in your are" which is apparently why every single day for the last two week's I've been unable to use my phone (AT ALL) in my own house.  I have to walk to the middle of the street and stand there for ten minutes to get service back and stand in the street like a dummy talking on the phone.  This is a problem that's been going for months and it keeps getting worse instead of better.


I drop calls in other places too but it's horrible at my house.  I have the iphone 4 (say what you want about it, my wife has a non-iphone with all the same issues).  I've been offered the Micro-cell but I refuse to pay for internet + my wireless bill just to use one device - not to mention the microcell does nothing for me when I'm in the car, at work or at my friends houses.


I turn off my phone every day, i update my phone everytime there's a chance to do so.  I turn off wireless networks, I've been through different sims and different iphones...  My wife has all the same issues on her phone too.


I've given ATT samples of dropped calls, late texts, I was even on the phone with a technician who tried to call my phone while on the edge network and it never went through.  She had me switch back to 3g and when it went through she said, "Well, looks like we fixed it!"  Definitely not... -_-


I HAD to get a landline because I can't use my phone dependably at my own house and I think this whole situation is ridiculous.  My wife's accounted has already had the ETF waved because it's non iphone but mine can't be because I have the iphone 4.  So basically, I have a paperweight in the form of an iphone 4 and nothing can be done about it I'm told.


I don't know what to do, I NEED a cell phone that works; my wife NEEDS to be able to use her phone.  The only thing left that I can think of is arbitration and I'd rather not go through all that but the good ol' "Resolution Department" at ATT has no resolution for me except suck it up and wait for more towers to eventually be built in the city and hope it works.



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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

You may as well give up because AT&T will not do anything about it.  This is the most horrible customer service I've ever encountered.  I switched from Verizon for this?

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

My sentiments exactly.  I switched from Verizon for the iphone and everyone that I knew that had ATT said the service was great.  Well, it wasn't great but it was good enough; and then it began to degrade.


Customer Service made a valid point that because I moved after I got my phone they can't be held responsible for where I moved to - and I agree.  However, I can't be held responsible for the degradation of their towers.  The towers worked decently when I joined ATT (although it was the edge network then) but it slowly got worse and worse and then when it went to 3g it went to crap and continues to do so.  The edge network doesn't even work very well either now days.

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

Well, it's good to see that the good folks at ATT don't care to even respond.  Can't say I'm suprised.

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

This is a peer to peer forum. You will get NO official AT&T response here. There are a few AT&T employees that post here, but it is on a NON-official basis.

If you want official response, you must contact AT&T directly.

This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

Have you been offered to replace your SIM cards? If not then I recommend you to do that, especially because they can offer it to you free if it's for resolution purposes.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

After many e-mails and calls only one rep offered to find a solution to my issue.  The rest of the reps had an attitude upfront. 

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

You've got that right.  I'm going back to verizon as soon as possible.

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

Att is offering free microcells to anyone that has these problems. Not sure if thry are still doing that but a few people got them. Not sure how that works,but you should ask them. Some call centers are better than others. Just as some reps are better than others. If you get an iddyot,call back.

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

I have been with AT&T since high school, a VERY long time ago and it is past time to leave. I get texts, voicemail messages and missed call notifications sometimes two or three days later. I have missed calls from work, emergencies involving my family, etc. I have changed my sims card, done everything AT&T claims will fix the problem. I have had a enough, time move on.
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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

I live 2 blocks from a tower and have the same problem I can't even call 611.  I recently signed a new contract like a dummy.  Have 2 phones (Iphone & Blackberry neither work anymore. Wonder what the fcc or LA public service commision will say because if it goes on much longer that is who I'm going to call.  That is if I can borrow a phone.

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Re: At&t - the huge letdown

I live in a fringe area and bought a z-Boost cell phone extender.  No need for the internet like the microcell requires and it takes me from barly having service in my house to 4-5 bars.  Well worth the couple of hundred bucks.


PS - I bought mine when I had Verizon and now use it with my new ATT phone.

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