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At&t agent told me so many lies !!!! My bill is way higher than the quote I was given !!!!


At&t agent told me so many lies !!!! My bill is way higher than the quote I was given !!!!

I was also scammed !!!! I am not happy at all and the at&t agents that I talk to are rude to put it nicely. I called to find out how much at&t cable and internet bundle package would be. I was currently with comcast and not trying to increase my monthly bill but hopefully decrease it. The lady that I spoke with gave me a bogus name and she also volunteered her personal e-mail address in case there were any problems with the bill when it came in...which that was also bogus !!!!!  I can not believe that when an agent speaks with a potenial client over the phone and promises them a service amount and is resposible for them being a new customer that they do not keep an account of the agents name that signed on the customer !!!! I find that real hard to believe !!!!!  I never signed anything when the guy came to do all the installations.

     I too was lied to about the $200 reward check...not a reward card but a check. She started off saying it would be $100 then as we talked she said she was making the check $200. She was doing everything and saying everything to get my business from comcast.

    She asked me how many tv's did I have and I told her 3.  She then said I would get one main receiver and 2 extra ones and no charge. Well, if I had to ever pay for them I would not want at&t's service because I do not have to have receivers to have cable on my other tv's. Like I told her that is crazy to charge people for extra receivers anyway when they never had to pay extra before. You cant have the at&t cable without the boxes. Well, my bill comes in and I am being charged!!!

     She asked me if my tv was HD. I told her the main one was but the other 2 were not. She said I will also give you the HD service for no extra charge. This was a lie as well. I am also being charged on my bill for this service which I did not even enquire about !!!!

     She also said she was waiving the installation fee's and all other set up fee's.  This was also a lie!

I was quoted a price of $90.95 for everything and told there were no other hidden fee's which is also another lie.

     I was told The first month would be half off...another lie!!!!

I was also told that she was extending the 6 month promo to 12 months...another lie !!!!!

    Everyone that I have spoken with since my bill came in said that were no way to extend the promo from 6 months to 12 months. I do not believe that either but that is what they say.

    They also say there is no way to give the HD service for free either.

And as far as the $200 check for switching my service from comcast over to them...I am told there is no way of nowing what my reward will be.


TOO MANY LIES !!!!!!   I AM OUTRAGED !!!!!!!!    SHE GAVE ME A FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS..  {personal info edited}


I have tried to email her serveral different ways from the email address she gave me just in case I did something wrong and it always come back as invalid email address.


I have 3 days til my 30 day trial period is up.   I am told that I have to pay this extremely high bill first if I want to cancel and then they will reimberse me.

    So, I have to pay a bill that I did not agree to in the first place ???????? This is outragous !!!!!!

Everthing she told me about how much my bill was going to be was a lie and how long I would get the service for that amount before having any changes.

    I also told her that I did not and was not interested in switching my service to have to worry about when is my bill going up. She assured em that it never would because they run promos about every 6 months and I can keep getting the new promo prices.


I have had my cell phone service with them for as long as there have been cell phones!

You would think they cared about their customers but apparently not !!!!!!


I am so very upset and I will be contacting someone that will put a stop to this madness !!!!!

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Re: At&t agent told me so many lies !!!! My bill is way higher than the quote I was given !!!!

This is a Uverse issue (you're currently on the Wireless/cell phone forum); and I've answered your question there. Smiley Wink

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Re: At&t agent told me so many lies !!!! My bill is way higher than the quote I was given !!!!

I asked a Mod to close the thread for cross-posting after noticing the OP posted this in the U-Verse forum also.

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Re: At&t agent told me so many lies !!!! My bill is way higher than the quote I was given !!!!

In an effort to avoid board clutter and confusion, we ask that you please refrain from cross and double posting. As the users have stated, this is not a Wireless issue and is better off in the U-Verse Billing forums where you also posted. To check the replies to your post, please click here. Thank you. 

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