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At&t Motorola V365


At&t Motorola V365

I have been extremely disapointed in the service  I have recieved for my phone. I bought this phone about 6 months ago and over the past few months have been having serious service issues. I can pretty much stand outside my house in the middle of the day and have a constant static noise ringing through my phone. The phone is not damaged, has not been dropped, or left in extreme conditions that would affect the phones functioning. Furthermore, there is echoing on both sides of the call that makes it really hard to communicate.


According to At&t they dont cover my phone beyond 3 months, which I find to be absolutely absurd. As, a result I will probably not be continuing my service with At&t this isn't the first time I've had problems with my phone. I'm the only one that uses the phone or any of my previous phones that I've purchased through this company. I find it absolutely ridulous that they cannot replace a phone that is practically non-functioning because it's the customers fault. Unfortunately to protect my friends I'll be telling them about this so I can prevent them from this hassle. 


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