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At&T Mobile Connect for BB 9700


At&T Mobile Connect for BB 9700

On that support page listed in the read only above where do you actually go to download this application for the device? I don't really see any mobile application there but I do see a few for pc/laptops.



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Re: At&T Mobile Connect for BB 9700

Do you have a link that you can post, as I am not seeing this anywhere. Are you looking to connect your BB 9700 to a Laptop? If so, the following instructions might help you with this:

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Re: At&T Mobile Connect for BB 9700

Sorry. I meant this one


Maybe I'm assuming it works for the 9700 as well but I can't even find where to download it so I can try. It is a software program for taking conference calls on your device and viewing presentations realtime I believe.

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Re: At&T Mobile Connect for BB 9700

I have it installed on my 9700, but it doesn't work.  On a 9000, it logs in fine, but on the 9700, it tells you that this version isn't supported and launches a download for a "newer" version.  The "newer" version is actually the same version, so when you reload it, it goes back to the same thing.  I never get it to go any farther than prompting me for my Connect account info on a 9700.

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