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Aria keyboard


Aria keyboard

I'm a new Aria owner.  I'm having a learning cureve with the keyboard in landscape mode.  I'm curious, has anybody downloaded different Android keyboards?  If so, which ones and do you like it better?

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Re: Aria keyboard

I haven't tried any of the Android keyboards but I'm curious to hear what they're like. You can always test drive an app and delete it if it isn't very good. Try visitng and see what they have rated as the best android keyboard.


I had/have the same issues with typing on the screen (I used to have the Tilt)... it gets better with practice Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Aria keyboard

So nobody's tried a different keyboard app?

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Re: Aria keyboard

There's Swype if you can find it.

SwiftKey works well for me.

Better Keyboard (have never tried it)
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Aria keyboard

I have had my Aria for all of three weeks.  The stock HTC keyboard is great, but Better Keyboard with the iPhone skin is bettter.  The standard Better Keyboard is good on it's own, but for me the keys are too close together.  With the iPhone skin, there's alittle more separation between the keys which makes typing easier.  Add that with Handcent SMS, and the texting experience is much better.

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Re: Aria keyboard

Thanks!  I will give this a try.  One thing I do like about the standard Aria texting is the text predictability.  It works really well for me.  Did you lose that feature when you switched to the Better Keyboard?  Of course, if I get a "better keyboard" I may not need the text predictability as often.


I'll have to also look into Handcent.  I'm not sure what you're getting with it vs just getting the Better Keyboard.

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Re: Aria keyboard

I haven't been into the predictive text, but I'm sure its there in the settings.  I'm more into the auto-crrect feature, which is practically the same with the HTC version.  In terms with HandcentSMS, was more with the texting/conversation interface rather than the actual 'typing' part of it.  I just thought of throwing that in there, because it integrates MMS pictures better into SMS conversations better than the stock android version, and it's free so you can't loose by trying it.  =)

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