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Aria incoming text vibrate

Aria incoming text vibrate

Will not vibrate when receiving an incoming text message.  I have looked at the settings and vibrate is selected but doesn't work.  Vibrates for phone call and alarm but not text messeges.


Was wondering if anyone else had this issue and was able to fix it.





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Re: Aria incoming text vibrate

Yes I am looking for the same thing,  also trying to get the Aria to accept the text for the Star services,  does not like the '*' as the first digit

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Re: Aria incoming text vibrate

Try this


Go to settings -> sound & display -> Notification sound, then change that to vibrate.


Hope that this helps.

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Re: Aria incoming text vibrate

I would also check the settings within the text messaging app as well.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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