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Aria and Locked files


Aria and Locked files

I downloaded from the market, Astro file manager.  One of the great features is that it allows you to backup your system.  After backing up to the SD card, I had to do a hard reset for other reasons, and guess what does not work?


Right ATT "for security reasons" will not allow me to restore the backup data from a legitimate Google Market application.


I'm having trouble rooting the phone, and while I like it compared to Windows Mobile, I am strongly considering returning it an cancelling my service on all three phones. 

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Re: Aria and Locked files


Maybe a little late to respond, but I'm on the same boat with my Captivate, backed up using MyBackup from the market, can't restore apps either, gives me the message of not being able to because sideloading is not allowed, this is not sideloading AT&T!, just restoring the apps purchased on the Market following your rules, not understanding this, 3 phones here too and thinking leaving after 12 years.

If they offer a full backup option through the market, will be fine with me, get your stuff together AT&T before you lose a 12 years customer with 3 phones.

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