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[Argent] Pro-Rated?


[Argent] Pro-Rated?

Okay. I am new to this so don't kill me if I seem like an dumby but I am furious right now. I bought my phone exactly a month ago today using bill me later service. They paid my first wireless bill, activation fee and the cost of my iphone. TO be honest I don't know how much it cost because my brother got it under his name for me. Now its been a month and I am ready to pay my brother and i's bill but it says I can't see my bill until 8 to 10 days after my billing cycle. So I was like "Well I get paid again in 7 days, why not spend some of the money until I get a bill" Now I looked online and see something called pro-rated billing in which after your billing cycle you have to pay for all the services you use until you pay your bill. Here are my questions; if I don't have a bill how can I pay it? Why the do I have to pay extra for the 8 days until I get the bill? How much is it going to cost extra (example- if I use 6mb of data do i have to pay for the 300 mb data package?) If so shouldn't i just swish to that (i only used 500mb last month) 


I am very very very worried! I only make 240 i week. I saved 110. I am frightened that my bill is going to double what i have. I am thinking of just canceling my service since i seems it will be just too much of an expence. 

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