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I realize this is a bit off topic for this forum, but I was looking for good some  good app suggestions.  Not looking for anything in particular, just throw out some of your favorites if you don't mind. Maybe some lesser known ones...

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Re: Apps

Words for friends, Angry Birds both are paid.
Urbanspoon, IMDB, facebook, Rdebox, Flixter, Traffic rush, Skeeball, Sports tap, YouTube (just make a bookmark to your home screen) Pandora, Dictionary, Diction, The Apple Store, MyWireless (AT&T) App store (bookmark) MedMD
Look around the ap store, there categories and top aps to browse. You'll have you're phone loaded before you know it. On paid aps, most are .99, be sure that's what you want ro buy because you iwn it's a hassle getting tour money back.
Good luck
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Re: Apps

sports tap is a terrible app in general, for iphone or android. I recommend for a sports score app, downloading espn scorecenter (its free and its espn)


another great app to have is bump. great way to share contact info, pics, get social network requests with other smartphone users that have the app (also a free app)

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Re: Apps

As free apps go. I have for games Falldown, Cube  Runner, Need for Speed Lite. For lifestyle stuff. I have ESPN, EuroSport, Yelp, Flixster. 

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Re: Apps

This is a cool thread.  I've been searching for apps (phone is coming in today) and have a few, but it's hard to tell which ones are working well and actually are pretty cool compared to others.  Thanks for the thread and the tips.  I've already added a few to my iTunes in anticipation.

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Re: Apps

Depends on what particular group of apps you are looking for:

  • RSS Reader
  • News, Weather, Sports
  • Action, Strategy, Sports, or local Roleplaying Games
  • Online Roleplaying Games
  • Navigation
  • etc

There's plenty out there. I don't follow the Top 25 category though. They have top rated downloads with two star comments following them.

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Re: Apps

If you want to listen to FM Radio on your iPhone, I like TuneIn Radio.  This is a paid app (can't remember but I think $1.99).  Check the website before buying to make sure your favorite radio stations are available.  It is a nationwide app, so you can listen to radio stations in any city.

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Re: Apps

Ok, I'll play. In the "social" space I like PixelPipe for uploading a photo once and having it flow to all the right sites.


Kindel App for books - way MORE books then the apple bookstore, and many free new releases to get you started, along with the usual pile of old books.


Evernote for "cloud" based notes. Dropbox for an easy way to get stuff on/off the iPhone. CoPilot USA Live for the best GPS Nav you can get for $5.



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Re: Apps

Best Camera App: Camera Plus Pro

All your Financial Info in one: Mint


Flashlight: iPhone 4 Light


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Re: Apps

Some great aps, everybody is coming up with great choices.
Just because you don't like an ap, there's no reason to disparage someone elses choice.
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