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Apple care- worth it??


Apple care- worth it??

I had Apple Care on my current two 3Gs but havent used it and it runs out in November. It cost $200 for it and from what i am seeing, it doesn't cover much really. I had Apple Care on my Macbook pro and when i went to get it fixed, they said my warranty was voided because of cosmetic scratches!! Thankfully, the issue was one they had to fix due to a recall. But again, i paid an extra few hundred bucks for nothing. 


If there is a hardware malfunction, then its covered? But, surely if their hardware screws up, they should have to fix it regardless if i pay for another 2 plans?  If i'm in a car wreck or a tornado and it's busted up, i'm out of luck?? lol. My bank says i will be covered under renter's insurance for incidents covered by them like flooding, tornado's etc. Just not hardware malfunctions. 


So, i guess my question is -  Is it worth the extra $200 for the Apple care?

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Re: Apple care- worth it??

Apple Care+ includes accidental damage. Apple Care doesn't.
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