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Apple Press Release


Apple Press Release

For those who haven't seen on other forums. Here is information concerning Apple's offical staement on the reception issue.


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Re: Apple Press Release

josephz2va wrote:


Apple will issue a free software update in a few weeks which will have a corrected formula. The company also says that anyone not fully satisfied can return their undamaged iPhone to the Apple Retail Store or online Apple Store within 30 days for a full refund.

In a few weeks for the software update? Lame.

I can see refunds going wild soon enough.


Even if not the service has never been perfect i4 nor 3GS nor 3G.

Oh well, their choice, just more phones in the pipeline to be sold as refurbs or be given out for warrenty replacements.


Curious since you state a few weeks to do the software update is lame - do you work as a programmer for a large corporation that has defind software testing and QA policies? It really does not sound like it from the comment


Funny thing about it - all locations except the apple sotre already had a 30 day buyers remorse policy, only apple retail was 14 days

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Re: Apple Press Release

I ran a data speed test with the phone held in my left hand, but a little lower up so I dont cover the two antennas.  I had a download speed of 1079 kbps and upload of 529.  This was actually much higher than my 3Gs phone, which ran about 319 kbps download and 332 upload.  This was on 3G and 5 bars.


Next I moved the phone up to cover the antenna gap.  Bars went down to 1.  I couldnt even pick up the server to run the test.  I moved the phone up to uncover the gap, and the bars went up, and I picked up the sever.  I quickly moved the phone back down, and no data transfer.   Moved back up, and data started to transfer again.


So at least in my case, covering the gap with my hand definitely affected the data transfer using "Speed Test".


The above was very repeatable, although the rate changed a little each time.

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Re: Apple Press Release

Only thing it will do is show full bars but still a crappy signal. I doubt it is a update. Should have waited for the release.


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Re: Apple Press Release

IMO some people are NEVER satisfied and you can't make them happy, If they can find something to complain about they will. Smiley Wink

Every phone I've ever had (since the removal of the pull-out antenna) if you hold it "just right" it would loose signal. 

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Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4

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Re: Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4

Where have you been? This was posted on July 2nd, and the whole internet has seen it.

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Re: Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4


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