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Apple Confirms Battery Flaw + How To Save Battery On All iPhones

Apple Confirms Battery Flaw + How To Save Battery On All iPhones

iPhone Battery Life Flaw Confirmed By Apple; iOS 5 Update To Solve It



Some Tips To Save Battery Life For The iPhone 4S and Older iPhone Models:


1. Turn Off "Setting Time Zone"

2. Get Rid Of Push Notifications You Don't Care About

3. Turn Down The Lights On Your Screen

4. Lock Up Your Phone

5. Turn Off Location Services For Apps That Don't Need Your Location

6. Turn Off Siri's Raise To Speak Function

7. Fetch, Don't Push, Your Email

8. Close Out Your Background Apps

9. Stop Checking For Wi-Fi All The Time

10. Go To The Genius Bar... if none of this helps


For more details on these 10 Tips, Click Here


(Note that each generation of iPhones vary, so certain tips may not pertain to you, especially 1st generation owners)



*BONUS TIPS: Having the Original iPhone, I only charge it once a week. Smiley Very Happy That's how good the battery is, at least for me. What I learned from the original in saving battery life is to Turn Off as many of the features you do not use on your phone or is unnecessary.


For example, Turn Off Keyboard Clicks... Is it really necessary to hear the clicking sounds as you type your messages? After all, as you press an alphabet, number or symbol, it is already highlighted or magnified when you use the keyboard.


Battery Percentage... Nice to have but not necessary when you already have the battery icon. It's like someone telling you the same thing twice, but in a different way. Turn it off and view it when you are curious.


Games... If you don't play games, then turn off any game related functions. Or maybe you only play as an individual, then Turn Off Multiplayer Games and Adding Friends (found in Settings>General>Restrictions>Games Center (scroll to bottom of screen).


Everyone is different, so you will have to search through your Settings and go through each category thoroughly and figure out what is most important to you to help give the most life to your battery.



My Original iPhone really amazes me knowing it is charged only weekly. I'm currently doing a test run on my iP4S to see how low I can go in a week before needing to charge it/battery life. I looked through each settings category and turned off features I can do without. I usually turn off my phone when not in use, but doing it differently for this experiment with the iP4S. 


If someone has the time to go under each category and briefly explain what a feature's function/purpose is staying on or off would definitely be helpful. 


We all have questions we wonder about... How long to charge? Charge at 50% or wait till 15%? Let the battery drain? Is this good or bad? What is the proper way to care for your battery and to make it last?... So many questions, so little battery life Smiley Wink


Have battery life tips? Please share them here... Smiley Happy




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Re: Apple Confirms Battery Flaw + How To Save Battery On All iPhones

what a crock.... they need to fix it wit ha update on the software if it is  software related. or if it is a battery problem,send out a notice  to visit the Genius bar for battery replacement or **NEW IPHONE 4S** replacement and not a refurb 4S!

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Re: Apple Confirms Battery Flaw + How To Save Battery On All iPhones

They've confirmed it's a software issue and will be fixed in 5.0.1 which will be released in a couple of weeks.



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Re: Apple Confirms Battery Flaw + How To Save Battery On All iPhones

No problems here. Lasts all day and even play zynga poker online at work in 3G
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