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App/ringtone/etc purchases on gophone, billing failures, specifically Nokia/Ovi Store


App/ringtone/etc purchases on gophone, billing failures, specifically Nokia/Ovi Store

I've run across a wierd problem recently in my gophone account. I wonder if anyone has some "inside" knowledge of what might have happened.

I've been using a Nokia (symbian) phone for a long time without issue on my gophone account. Any apps I purchase from the Ovi Store are billed via operator billing to my gophone balance. Or... they were...

Near to the end of July, auto renewal of my data feature somehow disappeared and I lost my data balance... I called customer support and eventually they gave me a $10 credit. BUT at that time, the ability to purchase anything via Ovi Store disappeared - the operator billing now fails. Something got changed in my account, but I have no idea what.

I *know* this is an issue with my gophone account and not with Nokia, because if I swap my wife's gophone SIM in, purchases work again (and she gets billed, heh, but that's not very convenient for either of us!).

Gophone customer support really tried to be quite helpful and told me there is a "purchase block" setting in the accounts, but it's not switched on for me. Of course, they really don't know anything about ovi store operator billing though and keep trying to redirect me to AT&T media mall.

Does anyone know if there is a setting in the gophone accounts which could cause this, and what it might be called?



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