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App Store Terribly Slow to download?


App Store Terribly Slow to download?

Hey All- I've searched the Apple forums and thought I would post here too.  Over the past month, updates to Apps I already have, or downloading new apps are painfully slow (4S over Wi-Fi).  Two weeks ago, it took over 5 hours to download GTA5 ~500MB.  I can run network speed tests on my Wi-Fi and routinely get 13-19Mbits down and 5Mbits up.  I have reset the router, the modem, the phone, I even restored the phone this weekend and still slow (5.0.1 over WiFi almost 900MB took less than 10 min on my laptop).  Everything else is fast, its just the app store.  Perhaps the servers are just really busy, but I've never had this problem before.  Anyone else having these issues or any thoughts to help?  I've talked to people I work with that have the 4 but they dont have issues with the app store.....I'm stumped.

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