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Anyone know who this is, or how to stop it?


Anyone know who this is, or how to stop it?

I just got my phone yesterday - never had one before - and I received a text message about something sports-related.  I've done some searching, but can't find anything that might tell me who this is.


The "From" simply says "600-600", which isn't in my contacts list.  Message was:


"OB has confirmed with multiple sources that KU co-OC Darrell Wyatt has agreed to join the UT staff as the wide receivers coach."


Seems like perhaps my number had a previous user who subscribed to something, but how can I identify what?  Do I just reply to this message with "unsubscribe" or "stop"?





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Re: Anyone know who this is, or how to stop it?

After receiving another text from 600-600, I tried replying with "stop", as I saw recommended a couple places.  I must say, being primarily used to email - where replying to spam often means you're simply confirming your address is active - I wasn't keen on it!


Anyway, it worked - got a response that they are stopping.  Turns out "600-600" is "" - is there not any way to cross-reference numbers to businesses?  The messages they were sending sure didn't have any identifying features...


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Re: Anyone know who this is, or how to stop it?

You followed the correct steps for getting removed form a list by using one of the standard replies:


The best way to unsubscribe from unwanted recurring Premium SMS Text Messaging is to “Reply” to the message, input STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE from your phone and Send to the content provider's short code. The content provider is supposed to recognize these standard responses.


As for the codes there is no definitive list, but one of the best ones I've found for US Short Codes is here:

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