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Anyone else get ftc223?


Anyone else get ftc223?

The address entered during online activation does not match the the GPS information provided by your Microcell. It worked for 11 months no problem then yesterday it went down and now I have this. I called support and they had me register and now it won't reactivate. I waited overnight and called again and they had me reactivate again and resent the router settings. I'm plugged directly into a modem which is a webstar dcx2100. My warranty is up in 11 days so I don't want them to have me do useless stuff for two weeks to then tell me its out of warranty. Anyways I posted on facebook about my issue and a friend who lives 2 hours away had the same problem with the same error code. Different isp and modem. Was wondering if att pushed some firmware out that screwed up my mcell or if anyone else is having this error today. When I called tech support ten minutes ago she said thatthey seen a lot of this error this morning but no outage so deactivate reactivate again.
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