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Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8


Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

Coming soon to the US. Personally I think it's highly underrated. Even though I gave a Nexus One I miss Nokia's great phones. They just don't have anything really in the market to compete till this. I'm concern about the Symbian OS however as this will be the only one running on it. Nonetheless this will be a great device.
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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I am looking at the n8. I was considering the nexus one but it was so expensive and its a mute point now as they have quit selling it on their website. The n8 looks sweet and seems to run really well from the videos I've been able to watch. IM into a good camera and video on a phone but not so much the internet but I still like to be able to surf and look up my email relatively easily. I've read that the email and messaging are the same which to me is a disappointment. It takes to many steps to look up contacts and send a simple text message. Overall though they are saying its a sweet device that deserves a look see. I've registered to get an email when this device will be available in the us.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

Yes I registered too. Rumors are the N8 out of pocket is around $450
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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

wow i guess we are the only ones excited about it. to bad i think it will be a pretty good phone.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I'm definitely interested in it as well. Smiley Happy  I haven't really kept up with it over the last few months so I'm not certain what the latest on it is - but if it is released with all five 3G bands (850/1900, 1700/2100, 900) - I will most certainly give it a try. 


It's not my ideal phone as I prefer a physical keyboard, but having the flexibility to use it with any GSM service provider is worth the trade off for me - at least for awhile.  And I've been very pleased with my E70 (Symbian), although it certainly has it's quirks.  Some things were more flexible/functional on S40 - but all in all there has been enough improvement with using the E70 that I've certainly been very happy with it.


If anyone has seen any "official" information re: whether it will be released as a "world" device or if the included 3G frequencies will continue to be region specific, please let me know. Smiley Wink

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 was just placed on their website today for preorders.  $549 is the price tag.  OUCH!  But I still may get me one.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

as far as i know or have read it is going to have both t-mobile and at&t 3g bands. If so that would be so sweet. i know several phones i would like to have but they have t-mobile 3g bands. im surprised no one else has thought to make them universal so everyone can buy it. i also went to the website and saw the preorder pricetag and was dissapointed. I was hoping for a cheaper price than what the n1 was. i may wait till its out and see what the reviews are before i spend that much on a phone. that hurtsSmiley Mad i so wanted this phone but may still bite the bullet and get it.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

Yep. I really wish there was a sweet deal on it. I'm almost out of contract and I would totally renew if the price on this phone was more attractive. I feel like ATT pushes the iphone a lot but I'm a big Nokia fan. I want my Nokia!

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

Wow... I had never even looked at this phone until now... The N8 is amazing! It looks similar to the iPhone... Great design.


Let's give the iPhone some competition, shall we? Smiley Wink

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I am drooling over this phone now.. I must have a great camera in my phone because I take a lot of pictures on the go.. so I have a C905 now which takes great shots, but still has a small light sensor, and is not so great for low light shots or video quality.


This Nokia N8 seems to be the dream camera I have always been searching for in a camera phone.

Largest sensor in a mobile, xenon flash, 720p video.. hdmi..etc..

the only thing Nokia screwed up on is leaving out a camera lens cover.. that is just plain stupid to put an expensive carl zeiss lens on this phone without any protection.

but i still want it Smiley Happy


but if we buy from Nokia, will it work here in the US on AT&T's network?

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

from everything ive read its supposed to support both t-mobile and at&t bands right from release. no waiting for a nam model to come out. so yes you should be able to buy one from nokia as soon as it comes out.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I was also interested in the phone, but after a confirmation from the Nokia rep that (unlike many other touchscreen-only smartphones) it won't have support for additional languages I decided I was no longer interested. It really is a shame as I very much like its other specs…

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I was interested in the Nokia N8 until I saw the Nokia E7. Smiley Wink Based on everything I've read, both the N8 & E7 will support both quad band GSM & five 3G bands. They specifically say that the phones will support both 3G from AT&T Mobility & T-Mobile.
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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

oh my how sweet. I like the slide out keyboard. I so wanted the n8 but the pricetag was to much for me right now so i went ahead and got the sony xperia. But with this new developement of the e7 i may have to get one later on. have to save up my pennies and im sure its probably the same price as n8. ouch why cant we get something like that subsidized. oh well.

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Re: Anyone else excited about the Nokia N8

I can't get excited about the N8 or the E7...


Nokia *BURNED* me with the N97 and I *NEVER* get excited enough about a Nokia phone to pre-order ANYTHING that they make ever again.


From what I can tell, it still has the same "cheesey" email client which can't even handle HTML messages itself (you get them as an attachment which has to be opened in the browser which isn't all that great either).


Their GPS mapping give turn-by-turn AFTER you've already passed the turn and I've typically experienced a 10 meter East bias even after having the GPS antenna factory fix.


Their latest firmware has random reboots which often come JUST when you're trying to answer a call.


Over-priced, underwhelming-performance--that's what I've come to expect from Nokia.

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