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Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate


Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

Is anyone satisfied with their new Captivate?

I have the iphone 3g and with all the problems its given me I would like to try the Samsung.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

This is *really* disappoint news, as I'm very dependent upon Outlook as well.  For reasons I won't rehash here, I'm already disappointed with AT&T over the past year, after 9 satisfactory years with them.  Next, I was disappointed they dropped the "unlimited" data plan, and I was even more displeased they removed the free FM Radio and Voice Dialing from the Captivate.  Now I find out that this (and presumably all other Android phones) don't want to play nice with Outlook?  I guess I might find myself looking at T Mobile's non-Android lineup to see what I like.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

Although I think Android software is the future, right not it is not mature enough, at least for me.


I too, use outlook and need a stable outlook client. I have used TouchDown ($20) and it works pretty well, still has a few issues, but it does work will with push from Exchange. Haven't tried direct connect for sync.


The GPS issue is a real problem for me. I use GPS almost everyday. I have tried most all of the "fixes", but not of them have worked on my phone. I can't wait for the "official fix" when I have no idea when it will "really" happen and if it is "really" fixed, especially when AT&T and Sumsung won't really admit to it.


Another show stopper for me is the Bluetooth. I have a Motorola T505, that I use in my car for hands free. Really nice because it has an FM transmitter on it and I can stream music to my radio. Well, with the captivate, the audio cuts out regularly for a couple of seconds and then comes back. This is extremely annoying. I have seen only 1 report of this on the internet, so maybe it is a hardware malfunction, but with this and gps issue, my captivate is going back and I will revert back to my iPhone 3GS, which has always worked for gps, Bluetooth and outlook. May even consider the iPhone 4, even though I'm not a fan of Apple as a company, but at least their products work, and yes I've seen first hand all the hype about the antenna issue and I believe it been blown out of proportion and has an easy fix.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

Does anybody do any research on phones before they buy it? {Please keep it courteous} It is not samsungs fault you invested your whole social and business life into outlook. Do some research on the on the phone before you buy it. Also maybe for some people its time to start changing your routine up a bit. Start using different apps, new email client, this is not the end of the world. If you are to lazy to do this then dont whine about how samsung didnt build a phone with YOU specifically in mind. If you are are part of the legion of sheep that kneel to big business (Microsoft, Apple) then buy products that cater to them. Once again, do some research before making hasty purchases just so you get to say I got the new hotness, this way you do not have to waste time posting in forums how much you dislike the new hotness.


For the other people crying about samsung not acknowledging their phones issues, has anybody actually called samsung?.........Anybody?....... I called one time spoke with a very pleasant young woman in customer service who helped me with every question she could possibly answer, Then she connected me with a very nice technician who fully acknowledged the problem and assured me that the problem was being addressed and that we can expect an update sometime in september. I mean c'mon, would it make you feel better for samsung to open a website telling people about how their phones are pieces of crap, and then you get to try to justify to your friends how you bought a $550 POS. They fully took responsibility for the issue, unlike Steve Jobs who actually maintained  that there was NOT a issue with the iphone, until 2 weeks after the release. I would try to stay a little more informed if I were you, even if it means you may have to do some of the work, and not expect a personal email when something goes wrong.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

In a word -NO!!!! I'm waiting on my third Captiva. Problems: 1st Captiva - it kept shutting down by itself; and kept dropping calls. I had it for about 2-3 weeks and returned it for  a new one. See notes on Best Buy comment rthomp. 2nd phone started acting up within 2 weeks.  Currently - cell calls drop out even thou you have 3 bars of a signal, you are not moving, and calling a land  line. Screen saver locks me out alot requiring the phone to be shut down and restarted. Ex. I try to open screen saver, and it displays a puzzle piece with the number of missed calls/etc.. You have to touch the piece and move it into the hole; but once you touch the screen it goes blank again - so your stuck.  If you make a long call (5 min. or longer), screen goes blank and you can not reopen it - only the top menu bar shows up.  It has a tendency to automatically re-dial the last number called, even thou you turned the screen saver on. I am unable to play known good MP3 songs with either default song program or other installed program. The song plays until 2 min. after screen saver kicks in. When it dies (same for dropped phone call) the music program is shut off. Ie.. hold down the UP button to see what programs are showing, no music program. If it drops a phone call, the phone log does not log it or recognize it called anyone. A friend has a DRIOD X, with no problems - same for his father. I believe Samsung sent the phone out with out testing it; as it appears most of my problems are when the phone has been moved (change from ear to ear, set down on table, etc...).

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

This worked for me.....


To get to your GPS settings open you dialer and dial the following number. This will not call anyone - it is a code shortcut to the settings:

Once entered you will observe a screen that has five buttons:
Get Position Test
Application Settings
SUPL/CP Settings
Test Application
Delete GPS Data

We will be interested in three of these initial buttons.

Get Position Test: This will be what one uses to test the results of your changes.

Application Settings: Exactly what it says.

SUPL/CP Settings: settings that determine specific data connectivity with the satellites.

In Application Settings the following are some that you might consider adjusting:
Operation Mode - Standalone, MS Based, MS assisted, Network Provider
Accuracy - defaults to 50. Don't set it below 10 (and only use increments of 10's)
SkyHook - not sure what it does. But, someone on a thread mentioned it and it DOES effect satellite lock times.

In SUPL/CP Settings one we'll be interested in the following:
Server FQDN Type
Server Port

The following are the options provided on other threads:

Original/Stock Settings:
SUPL/CP Settings/SErver FQDN Type/Custom Config
Application settings/Operation Mode/Standalone
SUPL/CP Settings/Server/
SUPL/CP Settings/Port/7275

Second suggested setup (from other posts and claimed to have great results):
SUPL/CP Settings/SErver FQDN Type/Custom Config
Application settings/Operation Mode/MS Based
SUPL/CP Settings/Server/
SUPL/CP Settings/Port/7276


Application Settings/Operation Mode/MS Based
Application Settings/Operation Mode/SkyHook/ON (VERY IMPORTANT)
SUPL/CP Settings/Server FQDN Type/Custom Config
SUPL/CP Settings/Server/
SUPL/CP Settings/Server Port/7276
SUPL/CP Settings/SUPL Secure Socket/Off

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

I am overly joyed with my Captivate. Honestly, if they made a dock for it to hook up with a full size monitor, maybe some USB ports for external devices and full keyboard, I would possibly get rid of my laptop. Seriously, I love the phone that much. Now, even though KIES is not official in the US yet, and seems to only play nice with Windows XP, it does all my syncing with Outlook! Pretty sweet, got it working a bit too late, but I now have the means ready in 3 weeks when my wife gets her Captivate. Anyone that complains about battery life, I have to wonder. Did you come from using a "flip phone" or what? NONE of the "smart phones" I have ever used, to include BlackBerry, have had a "magical" battery that would push top performance and last several days. Um, if such a battery exists, they need to work on marketing skills. So, to say I use the wireless functions (not WIFI) pretty often, make phone calls (never dropped one yet, nice clear sound also), and still have around 20-30% battery at the end of the day keeps me happy. It is not that big of a deal to charge it nightly. If charging a device upsets you, why again do you have one? So at any rate, Samsung has made a fan out of me. To put it plainly, I am THRILLED with mine.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

I feel both your pain. I've probably spent no less than 40 hours trying to getting my Calendar and Contacts sync'd with Gmail...


I love my Captivate, considering I came form a 4 yo Tilt (original not II). So tried everything to make the Captivate usable for me.


I used the beta contacts app sync from Google to sync my Outlook contacts with my gmail acct, initially. Then after that, I decided that any new contacts worth having in my phone, I'll just dupe and add via gmail account, which then syncs down to my Captivate. I have over 700 contacts, so that seems to konk out the Outlook/gmail sync after the first time. NOTE: Even though all the Outlook contacts sync with your Gmail account, you won't find too many of them in you Gmail Contacts list online...but they DO show up on your phone! Bug or on purpose? I have no clue. But just be aware this is the case.


As for Calendar sync, the best I found was using Google's calendar sync to sync with my outlook, which has a few quirks. Not all of your Outlook appts will sync into gmail, which is a PITA...but this is my workaround.

  • If you are an INVITEE and accept an appt, that appt syncs into Gmail, and hence your phone
  • If you organize an appt in Outlook, the appt won't sync to your phone until someone accepts, which is weird, but that's the way it is. The Cal-sync app is still beta after all
  • If you have a *personal* appt (without invitees, like a Doctor or Dentist appt), you need to add that appt to your GOOGLE calendar (on phone or online) THEN it will sync to both your phone and to Outlook. If you add to your Outlook calendar, this appt won't sync to Google Calendar and so not to your phone.

These are my learnings so far. Not ideal. But I'm hoping Google will fix the calendar sync issues and make a better contacts app sync. Direct via USB would work for me, but that appears to be against Google's "cloud" philosophy.


I love the phone, so will do what I must to make it usable for me.




snake92646 wrote:

PapaMark wrote:

I am 8 days into my 30 and am also thinking of returning the Captivate, as much as I may like the phone and/or want to use the Droid system.

I am an extensive Outlook user.  Although I have a GMail account, all of my contacts and calendars are maintained in Outlook.  I have tried several of the syncing software packages and am frustrated with them because of duplicates, re-arranging the formatting of my contacts, etc.  Getting the computer (Win7, 64) to even recognize the phone when connected via the USB port has been a problem.

You are right.  Using a new phone should not be this much of a problem.  I looked at the Torch and I do have some issues with it (smaller keyboard, program saving locations, etc.).  But since Outlook synchronization is important for me, then I might go that route.

Not sure I'll break down and spend the big bucks for the iPhone.



I feel your pain, PapaMark. I use my smartphones for business and all of this workaround to synch my Outlook contacts is silly.


I have been using smartphones since the MPX200 in 2003. Since then, I have had multiple Windows phones: MPX220, Audiovox SMT5600, HTC 3100, HTC 8125, Samsung Blackjack, HTC 8525, Pantech Duo, original Tilt, and now the Tilt 2. I have also had a Blackberry 8700, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. All of these phones synch'ed with Outlook with very minimal setup.


I deliberately waited until v2.x before wading into the Android phones. I realize that Google wants to have a {word filter evasion} contest with Microsoft and would like their model of having your information in a cloud as the standard. But c'mon Google, get real. Outlook is the standard for business users and the absence of a reliable synching mechanism is just ridiculous. Even Steve Jobs reallizes it and provides Outlook synching via iTunes.



I have tried downloading Kies from a non-US Samsung site, downloading the Captivate drivers from Samsung, even downloaded a beta software from Google that is supposed to synch Outlook contacts with GMail. Still no luck. I will tinker with it for a few more days but right now it looks like it's going back to AT&T before my 30 day window is up.


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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

In a word........Absolutely!


I Lowered the IQ of Galaxy S Smartphone


My Galaxy S is now "IPod Touch Like" with phone capability with the very important proviso  that I'm in control of it.  I'm happy with the phone now as it does what I wanted it to do in the first place.


Not a novice to phones, but I am to the Android system. 


The phone setup is EXACTLY what I was looking for:


1.  AT&T pay as you go service.  I paid almost full price for the phone to keep from having a contract.  I pay by the minute, so I have to manage it.  This option isn't for everyone.  There are other options available.

2.  APNs turned off, so no data via AT&T EDGE.

3.  Turned off AT&T browsing.

4.  WiFi data connectivity only. You'd be surprised how many hotspots there are.  GPS is no match for my Garmin but it works.

5.  Rooted phone.

6.  Android SDK installed onto computer.

7.  Samsung Kies installed on computer.  It works.  Phone firmware is JK6.


Being new to Android, I spent a lot of time on this Forum and others to gather information.


Taking Root turned out to be so easy I didn't think it "took" at first.  (But I had studied hard for days before I took the plunge.)


The most difficult issue for me was turning off the AT&T browsing.  That was more hit and miss and reading from the Forum.


So now my phone isn't as smart as it wants to be, but at least it does just what "I" want it to do.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

First we get new phones every 2 years. There has been a quantum leap from the phones from 2 years ago to now, so was and still am very excited to get the Captivate.

I am reading about issues with updating the software, no problems with that.

Also seeing complaints about battery life. I am not on the phone or using the phone constantly, but I am getting a good 2 days on a charge, which was really unexpected.

Have not been able to sync the phone with my computer--has anyone tried to connect with a Vista or XP computer? Am going to try again tonight. If I can't connect to my computer, will not be happy about that.

The biggest thrill for me, was after 9 years of suffering with Sprint, finally telling them to take a hike.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

I found Kies online and put it on my computer and can sync outlook, move files, and many more things with my captivate.  only issue I have had is the random shutdowns.  On my 2nd phone and it is randomly shutting off also, but hoping samsung will figure out the problem and fix.  ATT is sending me a different battery to see if that helps (not expecting it to), before they take this one back and give me a 3rd one.  other than that, I LOVE THIS PHONE.  Had the Iphone 3GS, was not impressed with Iphone 4, and really like the look of Captivate.  Then starting playing with all the features, and find something new every day that I just love about the phone.

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

i don't know yet.  coming from an 8gig 3g iphone, i am just not wowed.. its nice, but im just not blown away.  yeah its somewhat faster, but ehh.. true there are apps, but the few i have gotten are not as good as the Iphone apps.. i was/am ready to move away from iphone and do not want to get another, but so far not impressed.  Now i am only like a week into it, so imma give it some more time. 

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

Just got my phone, so far so good.


I do wish that the phone came with a better clock and weather widget ....

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

UHmump95 wrote:

Just got my phone, so far so good.


I do wish that the phone came with a better clock and weather widget ....


As the commercial goes..."There's a app for that!" lol


I installed Weatherbug and Better Alarm Clock from the Market.


If you also download Rings Extended, you can use any of your music as the alarm for Better Alarm Clock. I use "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz because it just starts out LOUD. I don't wake up when the song starts soft and then builds up. I need to be startled awake!

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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

I have had my Captivate since 9/7/10. So far I am very happy with it. This is my first smartphone so I don't have to much to compare to. GPS is a little slow. There are so many app's on the market alone that it's hard at time to pick one.



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Re: Anyone Satisfied With Their Captivate

Had the Captivate for 3 weeks now, really happy.  Everything just works.  I wish it had a Flash on it (just so I can just it as a flashlight).  Other than that the phone has been great.


As for anyone complaining about GPS, I haven't had any problems.  It takes anywhere from 5-15 seconds to lock on.  I don't know if that is long or not but I came from the ATT Fuze (Touch Pro).  That phone could take minutes to lock on so I am tickled pink it works on the Captivate Smiley Happy

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