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Anyone Else Looking For To . . .


Anyone Else Looking For To . . .

The Samsung Galaxy Note. Be great for an old blind eyes like me. I'm not really eligible to upgrade til November though. But I'm drooling over the Note.

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Re: Anyone Else Looking For To . . .

Not really...  AT&T had it massively crippled compared to the international version.


No Exynos, no deal.

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See my post above

I bought the international version before Christmas....I LOVE it. 

As for the crippled part......not so much crippled, but at&t wanted LTE, which means they had to go to a different chip.

I didn't like removing the home button, but considering how apple gets their pants in a wad over every phone coming

to the USA market, maybe that played into it.  My guess that the at&t version will have the usual bloat, and have tethering

disabled also.  As for updates, with at&t, I wouldn't hold my breath for ice cream sandwich (android 4.0) coming anytime

soon. At&t pretty much doesn't update anything except the iphone, and that's because apple pretty much controls it.

That was another reason I bought an international unlocked version.

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And thats another reason im thinking of just getting the Sony xperia Ion..

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Re: ..

Its also worth mentioning the Sony xperia ion will not have gorilla glass as of now..and the Note WILL come with gorilla glass.

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