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Anybody hear anything from best buy?


Anybody hear anything from best buy?

I know a lot of people have been getting shipping information from At&t pre orders but has anybody heard anything from best buy about at&t pre orders ?
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Re: Anybody hear anything from best buy?

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Re: Anybody hear anything from best buy?

A BB rep told me yesterday that the SIII Is help up in customs due to Apple. I looked at him in disbelief... I told him that Apples ban request was thrown out. He said, no, it's been held up. I suggested he read up on it and left.
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Re: Anybody hear anything from best buy?

I preordered on the 6th with an ETA "on or before June 21st"


Called BestBuy, they told me Samsung pulled back the shipment. Rumor has it they won't be getting any in the store until July 11th. 

Called Samsung, they have no idea, told me to call AT&T.

Called AT&T and the CSR said the new ETA is Monday the 25th.


AT&T still doesn't know how to manage releases. Why was there no preparation? Why was there no contact with your customers? Why did I have to call 3 different companies to get 3 different answers?

Are you hearing this AT&T? You need to do better. 

Fix this. Explain this. And most of all, apologize to your customers.

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