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Any special requirement of data plan for iphone 4s


Any special requirement of data plan for iphone 4s

I've got a new unlocked iphone 4s from apple. So I took the sim card out of my old cellphone, and cut it into a micro sim card, which can be inserted into iphone 4s. It works quite well. However, today, I found that I cannot use the data plan. If I turn down the wifi, it says I cannot use the internet. The previous service I purchased is a month $25 prepaid plan, with a $15 data plan.

I wonder what is wrong here. Is there a special data plan for iphone 4s, or the micro sim card is not OK?


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Re: Any special requirement of data plan for iphone 4s

You basically have everything set up correctly, but you're right - the data plan is the issue.

Data for prepaid iPhones does not come naturally...there is something you must do to the phone's APN settings to allow prepaid data for your iPhone. Unfortunately, that type of information is forbidden to be discussed here at this Forum.

I use a prepaid iPhone 3GS and the only way I am able to access data is via Wi-Fi. I have thought about allowing prepaid data for my phone, but I am still in the process of thinking about it. MMS messages are able to be sent and received on my iPhone without the hack, so that satisfies me. Smiley Happy

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