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Any new Windows 7.5 (Mango) phones that will have physical keyboards?


Any new Windows 7.5 (Mango) phones that will have physical keyboards?

I have a HTC Tilt 2 and am eager to get a new Windows 7.5 phone but I really love the pull out keyboard on my Tilt.  I've checked out the 2 HTC Mango phones (Titan and Radar) plus the Samsung Focus S but it looks like none of these will have a physical keyboard.


The only other operating system I'd consider is an Android but seems there aren't any ATT Android phones with a real keyboard either.



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Re: Any new Windows 7.5 (Mango) phones that will have physical keyboards?

I have the LG Quantum I miss my Tilt2 I keep it as a backup. The Quantum is ok I was Iffy about moving up to Windows Phone but hopefully with Mango it'll get better. I don't really have any complaints. There will probably be a new Windows Phone 7.5 coming(Google HTC Prime) but who knows if AT&T will get it. I love having a keyboard so I'm holding out for that for upgrades.

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Re: Any new Windows 7.5 (Mango) phones that will have physical keyboards?

  My Tilt 2 is on the verge of death as well. I first noticed that the device was running out of power quickly. Then I noticed that a USB connection with my notebook could not be established. And it's been sluggish. I restored original factory settings, but I couldn't download the most recent ROM since a USB connection was required. I've liked my Tilt 2, but I was looking forward to more functionality coming out with Mango, the ability to sync multiple exchanges servers and multiple address books, 4G connectivity (well with a new AT&T device), better graphics, improved performance, and so forth.

  I tried an HD7S and was terribly disappointed. Perhaps if my only goal had been to connect to Facebook and Twitter and Exchange, I might have been happy. But, as a business user, I like to carry one device supporting both work and personal activities. I was shocked that my work and personal contacts for myself were merged into a single listing. Bad, when I like to send out one for work and one for social reasons. I was similarly surprised to find that I couldn't tether my notebook (and I was still on a tethering plan to boot). I couldn't freeze a web page for copy and paste! And typing on the "electronic keyboard" without a stylus was slow and prone to errors (much like the texts and short emails replete with typos that I get from so many iPhone users). Plus, handwriting recognition was not supported - my speedy way of composing emails of more than 50 characters.  And, thinking of all the times that I needed a character that I couldn't otherwise find, there was no physical keyboard - something that I have often required if only to press the enter key because the browswer was not responding to the touch of my stylus or finger on the screen.

  And now I don't see a device to quite match my slowly failing Tilt 2. Oh, and the HD7S? It updates itself too often. Location changes constantly. I was flabbergasted to see while sitting in France that I had my home weather being updated. My email accountings were being updated every 15 minutes. (The setup wizard in Mobile 7 didn't bother to step me through whether I wanted to manually update, etc., like the Mobile 6.5 wizard, and it never occurred to me to check it the day before I went on holiday to France. Eventually, AT&T texted me that I was going to have major roaming charges. Eventually, after two phone calls back to the States, I learned how to set off data roaming - something that I never worried about on my Tilt 2 because with it I was empowered to decide when I wanted information, not when the device and other vendors thought that I should have information pushed to me.)

  I kept hoping that AT&T would provide a device that would provide me with enhancements while allowing me to enjoy some of the features that the Tilt 2 has provided me for some years now.

  Oh, did I mention that Voice Command wasn't asking me to confirm its response? I had to grab the phone to see just whom I was calling since I couldn't always understand the voice when it decided to start dialing. And I'm still trying to figure out why "Deb Smith" was pronounce as "Debenture Smith"...

  Are you wondering if I got used to my HD7S? No, I didn't. I returned the day after returning from holiday. And I do want a device with a physical keyboard, but I suspect that it's not in the picture this year.

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