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Any issues with "always on" connection?


Any issues with "always on" connection?

After over a year of fighting with Vista's internet connection sharing using my Compass 885, I finally got an aircard router.  Now, I can access the internet from all three of our computers AND share files between the computers. With ICS, I could do either consistently or both for short periods between bouts of reconfiguration.


So now my question is, if I leave the Compass always connected, will it eat up my monthly 5GB of usage?


Before, I used Watcher to connect only when I needed internet access. The router (Netgear MBRN3000) can connect or disconnect via an internal "web" page, but it is a several step process including user/password entry. I want to leave the router on to maintain the home network, but am trying to be cautious with my 5gig.


Anybody have any experience with this situation?


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Re: Any issues with "always on" connection?

I have  the ATT Lighting Air Card and a MBRN3000 That has been "on" since September with no problems. I leave my main computer on 24/7 and fire up my laptop wifi  from other parts of the house. Maybe twice during this time frame I have had to power off/on the router to clear up a slow or no response situation. During this time my usage has never exceeded the 5 gig limit. I do keep tabs on the usage by logging into my ATT account at least once a week. I hope this helps.

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Re: Any issues with "always on" connection?

Today, I've tried using a desktop shortcut to the router connect/disconnect page.  It seems that after 2-3 connections the router or aircard gets stuck "negotiating" a connection. At that point it takes 3-4 minutes to connect or I get impatient and reboot the router. I think tonight I'll leave it on and idle for an hour or so, then check the traffic meter to see what the usage is..

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Re: Any issues with "always on" connection?

My desktop is on like I said 24/7 and I also have OE active. During off hours the only Activity is XP update requests, OE email checks every 5 minutes, and Anti Virus update requests every 3 hours. I am on my desktop or laptop about an average of 4 hours a day doing email or surfing. The closest I've come to the 5gig limit is 4 gig. Of course I don't do any gaming and I try to limit my youtube viewing.

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Re: Any issues with "always on" connection?

I connected this evening, did nothing on the internet, and disconnected after exactly 30 minutes. After waiting a bit, I reconnected and checked my AT&T usage details for that session: 72kb sent.  Unless I misplaced a zero, 30 days always on works out to about 0.2 per cent of my monthly limit.  I've seldom exceeded 4gb per month. when I have it is because I go on a download spree in the last few days of the billing period. I may not stay connected 24/7, but if I am home and awake I expect I will be connected.

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Re: Any issues with "always on" connection?

We have used a couple of different models of the Cradlepoint routers over the last several years.  The pinging that takes place when the modem is basically idle is very small, it won't have much effect on your 5GB limit.


What does hurt is automatic updates to just about anything, Windows, Adobe etc.   If you have 6 computers connected like we do, and they are all set to do automatic updates, it can suck up a lot of bandwidth.   All the computers except  the desktop we take into the office or somewhere where there is a hardline unlimited connection avaialble.


Not sure if it is available on the Netgear, but the Cradlepoint allows you to set a schedule to connect and disconnect.   A handy feature if you are trying to keep teenagers off the internet in the wee hours. 


On our MBR1000 router, you can use more than one modem, which spreads the load between the two.   



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