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Another iPhone Upgrade Question...


Another iPhone Upgrade Question...

So my wife and I have a att family plan with two iPhones. Hers the 3g, mine the 3gs. We have had the phone for more then 2 years and are way over due for an upgrade. Going to upgrade to the 4s for the two of us. I have a couple of questions. We currently have the unlimited data plan that no longer exists. If I upgrade, do I still get the unlimited data? The other question I had was how do I do the pre-order and how do I get the new phone when out on the 14th? Any help on these issues would be great.



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Re: Another iPhone Upgrade Question...

We're in a similar situation except I also share our family plan with my folks and brother, and wife and I both have a 3G. Based on my investigations (including going to an AT&T store and talking to a rep), the unlimited data plan will be preserved when you buy the 4S and you can pre-order online from Apple OR AT&T.

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