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Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?


Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?


As much as I like AT&T as a carrier (they have the best coverage where I live),  I do have to honestly admit they are absolutely horrible at getting phone software updates out to the consumers.  If I was an Andriod user I would be furious.  I wonder how Windows Phone 7 users will be treated.


The one reason I really like the iPhone right now is I do not have to rely on the carrier ( ATT) to get the update out.  While ATT has been know to hold out on a feature for a little bit (like tethering) in the past, I was still able to get the iOS update from Apple.  And all without the extra software bloat like when I used to have my HTC 8125 HTC 8525 and HTC8925.

Dell's Streak, meanwhile, is set to "hopefully" receive its upgrade sometime this month (the company blames AT&T for the delay).

AT&T is without question the dunce of the group. The carrier everyone loves to hate has consistently shown itself to be the least desirable choice for Android, and its upgrade numbers reflect that attitude: Between June and December, AT&T failed to upgrade a single one of its nine Android phones. On the plus side, Dell's Streak is set to "hopefully" receive its Froyo upgrade sometime this month (Dell, interestingly, faults AT&T for the delay in getting the software rolled out). We'll have to see whether the carrier's habits improve in 2011, what with the launch of theVerizon iPhone and AT&T's subsequent loss of Apple exclusivity. If nothing else, we can say that the network does have some impressive-looking devices on the way.



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Re: Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?

I doubt you'll have a problem with windows phones. Windows phones such as HTC 8125 HTC 8525 and HTC8925, update directly though and the new windows seven phones use ZUNE like apple uses itunes. I used a blackjack II, an HTC8925 (tilt), a HTC pure, and an HTC tilt 2 using 6.5 then later sense.


I was never required to update my phone unless I wanted to (unlike Apple). I never had an issue managing contacts between sim card and phone (unlike Apple), I have flash player (unlike Apple). If I unlocked my phone, HTC never tried to fine me 2000.00 dollars for doing it and WON'T brick itself next time I sync ...(unlike Apple). I had expandable memory up to 32 gigs way back when Apple was using EDGE. I have both virtual and actual qwertyboards (unlike apple). Oh and uh yeah, I didn't have to wait 2 years and buy a new phone to send a picture msg via mms ..........unlike Apple.


As far as Android is concerned...If you ask me Android was born from a nessesity created when people could not get the iphone to work on another network. The other carriers simply didn't have a phone that competed till tmobiles HTC G-1 google phone came out.


ATT (last time I checked) does not support the Dell Streak for tech issues. Dell does however, which is probably why i don't see them sold at ATT stores

As far as verizon is concerned , I am exstatic that the iphone will be on another network. NO ONE should ever buy a service simply for the iphone. That's like buying a Lexus LFA to go 4-wheelin with clem and the boys. If the service doesn't work for you, return the phone. Paying a restocking fee or be prepared to own a totally awesome phone on a network you hate. I truly hope that the iphone does perform well on all networks but the bottom line is our data network it about 50-60% faster than...well... anybody.


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Re: Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?

I had a Tilt2 before the Streak. There was an update for that which was ALSO held up for months by ATT. Sure, some tweaks and fixes came out, but overall there was a near lack of care for windows 6.5. The only reason WP7 may be better is that Microsoft has placed a ton of their support behind the framework. 

I would also say that saving contacts to sim is a terrible fail. Through that method I was left with truncated names, ONE phone number and total lack of any other info (birthdates, email, etc). Using Microsoft My Phone was a huge help....while remaining within their system only.

In general, when you're locked into an ATT contract, the manufacturer doesn't matter as much as the carrier. Look at the Streak. Dell passed it along quite a while back, and has given it to those that purchased non-contract phones. No major flaws, so ATT saying that they are "testing it for compatibility" makes no sense. Samsung is no better, from recent reports. But ATT holds all the cards here.

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Re: Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?


 I truly hope that the iphone does perform well on all networks but the bottom line is our data network it about 50-60% faster than...well... anybody.

That is true; in the very few areas where ATT has rolled out 3G and minus New York and San Fran.


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