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Android upgrade? Call coverage? Misleading advertising? 3rd rate company!


Android upgrade? Call coverage? Misleading advertising? 3rd rate company!

5 months ago we switched from "rinky-dinky" MetroPCS to AT&T based on our perception that we would have better coverage and the latest in cell phone technology.  Boy were we wrong!!!  I wish AT&T would spend their advertising dollars on upgrading their technology and making good on their claims first  Yes, I have called to complain about the lousy reception, but it was only recently that we discovered that other AT&T customers in the Tampa Bay area also do not get their calls connected thru.  We live in St Pete and AT&T friends in Tampa often fail to have their phone ring when we call and vice versa.  At a Thanksgiving dinner in Central St Pete., I called an AT&T friend 6 times while he was standing next to me, so that he could save my phone number.  His phone NEVER rang once!!!  We were near windows in a wood-roofed 1940's house. 


We were told when selecting the Samsung Infuse at the AT&T owned store, that we could have Skype video calls.  He did NOT tell us that we would have to wait . . . . (and still waiting) for the OS upgrade in order to utilize the front-facing camera for those video calls.


When I was a kid, my family had Southern Bell Telephone which was part of AT&T and in traveling around the country, it was evident that at home we had state-of-the-art phone service.  Sadly, the quality of phone coverage here in the Tampa Bay area from AT&T is worse than what we had with MetroPCS. 

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Re: Android upgrade? Call coverage? Misleading advertising? 3rd rate company!

No doubt millions feel your pain. Rest assured, no other provider is any different that ATT with misleading you- they are all inherently dishonest. 

I have been a customer since 2004, and always had great service at my home. This Summer, that reception went away, and I fought them for months to get it resolved. I spoke with a "resolution specialist" who told me that even though I had reliable reception all that time, ATT doesn't guarantee I will always have it (you don't want to know my response). Here today- gone tomorrow.


It has been indicated to me by ATT that conversion to 4G/LTE is causing issues with 3G customers. While they are aware of this, they obviously couldn't care less about you and I. They are concentrating all of their resources towards implementing 4G, and don't have the inclination to resolve your issue, because they're is a fortune to be made when new customers sign up to the "fastest network".


The only reason I don't dump ATT for Verizon is because I will inherit similar, if not worse problems (as you have between Metro and ATT). They are ALL alike!

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