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Android OS Update Process...


Android OS Update Process...

The reasons that Android phones are either slow to get system updates, or fail to get them entirely are pretty clear. The process of getting an update ready to push to a handset is decidedly non-trivial.

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Re: Android OS Update Process...

Sooooo.... about Honeycomb.....

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Re: Android OS Update Process...

It's called the gotchas of Open Source. The business model Google choses for Android is Google only releases Android source code. Anyone can pick up the source code and make it whatever flaor they see fit to use it in phones or whatever devices they like. As long as they follow the rules of Open Source, Google can't do anything about it. Google does not technically release phone softwares, just OS. The core Android OS code doesn't even include a lot of necessary software to makes it useful as phone OS (like no Calendar app). OEMs must spend their time to assemble all this and its own software package to make it an attractive package. This all takes time and money. This basically the same process as the old Windows Mobile, sans the open source part.


However, majority of the consumers could care less about upgrade to latest OS/firmware. Only a small population of geeks care about latest and greatest. Average Joe goes with trend. The current trend is Android Phones. iPhones have peeked. Unless Apple reinvvent itself again, the market share for iPhone won't continue to grow.


Microsoft is trying very hard to carve a niche between iPhone and Android. It has the broad handset support like Android but tight upgrade process like iPhone. But seeing Microsoft struggles in past couple weeks to get its first OS update out, it is still too early to tell whether or not WP7 can make it.



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Re: Android OS Update Process...

I have always said that it takes a while to get all of the at&t bloatware into the operating system.

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