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Android App for turning off 3g?


Android App for turning off 3g?



I have a Captivate and I want to turn off the 3g that uses my data, is there an app to turn it off?  I tried, APNdroid, but I don't think it works for the Captivate, are there any other apps? 




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Re: Android App for turning off 3g?

These work for me on the Captivate: Smoda - on/off widget. NetSchedule - scheduled on/off. There's probably more... The APN types don't work though.

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Re: Android App for turning off 3g?

Juice Defender on the Market. Go to the android forums and search for it. Follow the instructions from the poster and it will give you a toggle on your home screen to turn 3g on and off. It does not drop down to 2g or Edge. It just eliminates all data. If you want MMS, data needs to be on, but it does not for SMS.

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