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Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?


Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

I have signed up at


Every day, Amazon releases a new app for free. We continue to be left in the dark. "Coming soon" can mean ANYTHING with AT&T. So I want to know:


WHEN will we be allowed to install Amazon Appstore and apps we get through it. 




WHY can't you just allow us to install 3rd party apps on our supposedly "open" Android devices??

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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

Yes, now HSUPA is enabled and my speeds are... slightly better. Nothing to jump up and down over. 4G, 5G, 12G... AT&T can just call it whatever it wants to I guess.


As for the Amazon Appstore - still blocked on the Atrix.

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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

Well, well, well... AT&T is finally going to stop being such a {inappropriate language removed}.


It's laughable that their reasoning behind only allowing Marketplace downloads "reduces the likelihood of malicious apps being downloaded." Was it not long ago that hundreds of apps had to be removed from the Marketplace for being malicious? Of course - Android is an open platform for development. This isn't Apple, and that's why we like Android - it is the Apple alternative - and we accept those risks. Yet AT&T had to force on its paying customers its own restrictions - as well-intentioned as their marketing makes it seem, I suspect it's about making more money for them and little else. That's why my Marketplace app has an "AT&T" section full of lame and worthless apps. 


Unfortunately, I do not have an HTC Inspire, HTC Aria or Samsung Captivate. Still no word on the Atrix it seems despite being their flagship Android device. I will look forward to having the handcuffs removed from my phone - until then, I'm not ready to go patting AT&T on the back. 

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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

Thank you, sitnsidewayz, for posting that link. Now if only the information was posted in the main wireless forum.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

Amazon App store works for 4 ATT phones, none of which i have. I have the Motorola Atrix. I called ATT customer support 6/18/11 @ 4:06 pm. spoke to Tyler who sounded like he was mentally challenged, alot of ums , uhs, and other useless sounds that offered me no assistance. 


I explained in clear english that the purpose of my call is to access the amazon app store. 


With no resolution, I request to speak to a supervisor . I am then transferred to what is level 2 support where Ispeak to Carlos, whom is not a supervisor just merely a tech support employee.


Again, in plain english, and for the record, i do not have a lisp, I do not stutter, nor have any type of speech defect. I explain the purpose of the call and we go through the same routine. Does the texting work, do you have internet, shut  the wifi, wtc...



Then I am told that ATT does not offer support to third part applications and Carlos advises me to contact amazon. Now here is my problem. ATT is my phone provider, and I pay them $160 a month. ATT is to provide me the support needed to transfer data. THAT IS THE ISSUE HERE . I AM UNABLE TO RECEIVE DATA,  NO MATTER WHO IT IS FROM. THIS IS ATT RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE ME- THE CUSTOMER , TECHNICAL SUPPORT SO I CAN RECEIVE DATA.


Now I see Carlos doesnt want to do his job, so again, I request to speak to a supervisor and that is when he wants to help me. IT seems as he did try to help me, as I am still on the phone with him as i type this. After speaking for 45 minutes, and him consulting the third tier support, 


it has been deemed that ATT is unable to "PUSH UNKOWN SOURCES " into my phone at this time and I should turn my phone off and wait a few days, if it does not go through, call back .


Now I see this person is helping me somewhat, but for me as the customer. to be paying 170$ a month for inadequate services is truly sickening. 


ATT truly does not live up to its reputation. I truly believe I have made a mistake to continue business with this company and am going to seek legal advise regarding my situation. 


ATT is not honoring their required support of this contract that I agreed to and is clearly in violation.  


In closing, time now is 5:30 pm est. time- the update is in a que bin, not being sent out, my issue is not resolved and a commitment resolution callback has been established. 


Also- I request a Tracking number and am told there is none for this type of case, however Carlos will add this to my account notes. He did send me a text that contained some numbers and codes. but clearly is useless to me. 







TO BE CONTINUED..........................................................................

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Re: Amazon Appstore: WHEN will we get access?

I have learned long ago that getting common sense support from AT&T is impossible - whether it's over the phone, chat or in-store. Their employees don't know anything about individual handsets. The only thing they know about is service, and that's very generic. The fact that AT&T supports different features on one phone than they do on another is completely lost on all of them. I know, just by reading blogs like Android Central and Gizmodo, that I know more about AT&T phones than probably any individual working in a customer service or technical support capacity for AT&T. I'm not sure if it's ignorance, stupidity or that no one cares. I do know that at least part of AT&T's intention is that the customer has as little knowledge as possible, making it easier for them to manipulate the way we purchase service from them. 


Android has been a mess for a while because OEM's (like Motorola) and carriers (like AT&T) are gunning for the most money as possible. The market is getting saturated, new phones are coming out every five minutes, and the latest and greatest is all but a relec of the past in a mere 6 months - and that's on top of requiring 2 years before offering a discount on a new phone. No wonder Apple has so much success with the iPhone... at least it's not a constant struggle to get updates and support for an outdated phone that had fifty new versions released within a year. 


So here's the gist of it - AT&t has finally succumbed to the pressures of its users and Amazon, and is (while holding its nose) enabling third-party downloads on all handsets going forward. They're also giving the capability to some older phones via manufacturer updates. So what about the Atrix? Some articles have claimed that the Atrix will receive third-party download ability, but it's waiting on an update from Motorola. This is where everything gets very secretive - we don't know what any of that means. It's all part of keeping consumers in the dark as much as possible. The less we know, the more crap they can get away with. 


The prevailing theory on the Atrix is that a "promised" update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is upcoming in June or July (it's almost end of June so don't hold your breath yet at least). At the time of this update, it's expected that the Atrix will receive thrid-party app access. 


But until then - who knows. Certainly not even one, single individual that works for AT&T. And if they do know, they won't tell you. They're just ask you to restart it... over and over and over and over....

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