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Almost impossible to block data on prepaid?

Almost impossible to block data on prepaid?

Back in December I activated an LG Expo on prepaid and since I was porting a tracfone number, had assistance at the ATT store nearby with new prepaid sim card and setup. At that time I had them block data which was NO PROBLEM.  Yesterday I bought a gophone LG Prime at Radio Shack for my son. Again I wanted data blocked since my son would end up burning all the money/minutes on accidentally connecting to wap browser. Radio Shack activated it for me and said no problem blocking data. We got home and I set up the online account info and checked the transactions summary, there were about 7 GPRS charges, small but charges. I also saw that DATA was listed in phone features on the profile, which differs from my account with my Expo. 3 calls to the ATT tollfree number and they refunded the gprs charges, but told me they COULD NOT block the data on a prepaid go phone account. I asked them if this was a new policy because I have a gophone with NO DATA. They said no, not a new policy...if they block data it will be put back on at midnight automatically, blah blah. I said NO, not true, data has never been added back to my prepaid acct. They asked for my info on my EXPO acct and saw that there was NO data on that acct. They were nice and said that this ONE TIME they would go in and make the change to the new account and block data, although they were NOT supposed to do that. Is this the only way they can make money on prepaid accounts, so therefore they refuse to shut down data. I told them unfortunately they are making me purchase Tmobile prepaids in the future. They have NO problem blocking data. Anyone else out there have any experience recently with blocking data on prepaid? Wondering if this is something new or if I just got lucky with my Expo.

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Re: Almost impossible to block data on prepaid?

Hello jdjiang,


Another prepaid gotcha. Wow!


As I distrust the prepaid ("Ericsson") accounting system, I do the following (guided by "better safe than sorry").  It has worked for me:


  1. Renew the data feature package on a [30-1]=29 day cycles.  This to avoid hour 00 versus hour 24 on the expiry.  No auto-refills for me.
  2. Use web-bought, digitally-delivered AT&T Refill Cards, and avoid AT&T refills via credit card (avoids taxes, regulatory fees, and random AT&T fees, and gets discounts on the nominal card value)  Example:
  3. Turn-off cellular data by soft-switch when there is WiFi cover.  I notice cellular data leakage even when facing a strong WiFi signal esp. at bootup.

Example:  When my iPhone is yet to resolve the WiFI default gateway (via DHCP), it starts sucking-in Assisted GPS info off cellular data, apparently, and my GPRS usage goes drip, drip, drip for 4KB receive, 3KB send every time.


The fact that AT&T charged you per-use cellular data on your S2 has no excuse, as it goes against their stated Terms and Conditions.  These cannot be clearer. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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