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All solid green light but not working


All solid green light but not working

Mcell worked great for 2 weeks then just stopped. Only regular weak 3G or 2G  signal displays on phone now. All lights are solid green. I reset everything, re-regestered and reactivated. Nada. I then exchanged the mcell for a new one at the At&t store, re-activated. Same thing. I spend some time online with support who opened a ticket which won't be looked at for days due to the holiday. I have comcast cable, motorola surfboard modem and a D-link router, All working well. Any ideas?

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Re: All solid green light but not working

I often have to reboot a phone when I add it to the approved user list for the Microcell. I sometimes have to go so far as to pull the SIM out and put it back in, but that all typically is for the very first time I've connected a phone up. If you've successfully used the Microcell, but now it's screwing up, then that's likely not going to help.


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Re: All solid green light but not working

I never thought about the SIM. I gave it a shot , but it didn't work. I do appreciate the input. 

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