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All Cell sites aren't equal - problems with the Sierra Air Card


All Cell sites aren't equal - problems with the Sierra Air Card

I am not sure if this is a problem with the technicians. They have been at least civil with me. That is different than my experience with Bell South before AT&T bought them our or vice versa.
Like someone else mentioned, I have 1 1/2 years left on my contract and can't really affprd the fee to cancel it. I got mine last August and it has run so-so with several problems that cleared up when I loaded the 3g Watchers software. However, it isn't all peaches and cream.
I'm taking an on-line course that includes videos. I recently had to ask for the files to be downloaded  because the data was flowing too slowly.
When I was talking to the instructor, who is computer savy, he said that the files should download in five or ten minutes on a dial up modem.
I looked into it a sure enough the download speed ranged down as low as 28 Kb or lower.
To make a long story short, I contacted the tech quite a few times without getting any real satisfaction.
Earlier today, he informed me that the closest cell site is not loaded with the correct software for high speed and pobably will not be loaded with that software in the near future.
So right now I am trapped in a sevice that really does not serve my purpose and frustrated.
Does anybody know how I can break this contract and go satellite instead.
By the way, where I live does not have the fiber optics cable close enough for me to get DSL or cable high speed.
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Re: All Cell sites aren't equal - problems with the Sierra Air Card

The fee to cancel your service prior to completion would be $175.00, if that amount is less than you would pay for the remainder of your contract then it may be best to cancel.
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Re: All Cell sites aren't equal - problems with the Sierra Air Card

You could go to and try the tweak test to see what it recommends.

The time of day likely will make a big difference in download speed. Is it possible for you to download those videos in the wee hours of the morning?

For a test, download a file such as 3G Watcher, or a browser such as Opera, Firefox, or SeaMonkey. Are they slow to download like the video file is?

I am not sure, but I wonder if the file format could make a difference. I suspect that at&t's service might be prejudiced against images and videos. Is it possible to zip the video file, then download it as a zip file - unzipping it once you receive it?

IPv6 is an issue causing slow internet connections at some locations. I would not think your AirCard would have this problem, but the site hosting the video might. Anyway, you could try disabling IPv6 and see if that helps any. How you do this depends upon your operating system (XP, Vista, Linux, etc.).
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