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Airtime expiration with a $15 topup card..


Airtime expiration with a $15 topup card..

Hi, I've been using GoPhone for the last two years and I've never really had a problem with anything before.  I've always topped up with $25 ever three months.  But this coming month, my airtime expiration is coming before I get paid this week and I'm a little short on cash.  So, I guess my question would be - 


  • If I were to get a $15 topup, will it carry over my balance and push my airtime expiration 30 days? 
  • Or is the $15 option only for feature packages and does not push the expire date & carry my balance over? 


I've never really had to do this before and now I'm just wondering what I can do because I don't want to lose the balance on my phone and lose out money if the the $15 top up doesn't push my airtime date.  Thanks.

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Re: Airtime expiration with a $15 topup card..

Yes, the $15 refill will extend your account expiration date by 30 days and allow you to keep your accumulated account balance. Smiley Happy  (Personally, I would make the refill one day prior to your current expiration date.)

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