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Airtime deduction?


Airtime deduction?

Since I'm using a prepaid phone, I have the unlimited messaging package that I got on the fourth of this month. But for some reason as I was texting this morning, I was deducted $0.25 for like three messages that I sent out this morning. I also had a difficult time contacting AT&T via e-mail and chat support. Any way that I can get help with this? I would hate for this to happen again, and it made me have a lower balance now. 


Thanks to anyone who can help me in advance! Greatly appreciated!

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Re: Airtime deduction?

Were you sending messages to a foreign country?  If so, not all countries are included in the package so that would be my first guess as to the charges. 


But regardless - you cannot contact customer service via e-mail or chat with prepaid service.  You will have to call customer service (611 from your phone or 1-800-331-0500 from another phone).  State "more options" at the first menu prompt, then "customer service" at all following menu prompts - after a few the automated system will connect you with a live representative.  You can request a refund if you believe you've been erroneously charged for the messages.

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