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Airtime Expiration date and Feature Packages Expiration date


Airtime Expiration date and Feature Packages Expiration date

I am on the 10 cents plan and I have stacked up data feature packages and texting the texting expires on the 16th and the data the 29th. But my airtime expires on the 29th and my account expires in september. I cant really afford a airtime card this month. So my question is can I buy the texting on the 16th to roll it over another month and then buy a data package on the 28th so it rolls over for a month and then after that I will have like a $1 left on my balance and when it expires the next day on the 29th does it clear out my data and texting package that are stacked up. Or does it leave it in there until it expires in a month and I can still use texting and data without phone calls since I wont have any airtime balance. And then next month I will buy airtime to pay for the feature packages and to extend the account expiration date. Will that work that way? 

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Re: Airtime Expiration date and Feature Packages Expiration date

You can do what you are indicating, but you won't be able to use your feature balance amounts after your last refill expiration until you add another refill.  The time remaining on your feature packages will continue to run even though you aren't able to use them during this time frame.  Here are the stipulations from the GoPhone plan terms at at&t's website:


"Feature Packages: Packages are available for 30 days, as long as your account balance is not expired. Balance expiration is determined by date associated with your refill denomination. If your account balance expires before the 30th day of the feature package, the package cannot be used (and the remaining time on the package will continue to run) unless you refill your account during the remaining days of the package period. The day you add the package is counted as a full day and counts towards the 30 days. Package expires at 12 am Central Time on day 30. After 30-day package expires or package is depleted, usage will be charged according to your underlying rate plan."

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